8 May 2008

As a new blog which was created on 01 May 2008, the most activities which I conducted lately is visit to various blog or web which already exist and also new create blog. Its target Merely one introducing this blog and certainly myself. At one blow if I am Iucky can convert the link other blog or the web. It was told Iuck cause not all blog or web which I visit accepted or ready to convert their link, especially blog or web by Page Rank (PR) 2 above. Sorrowful it is true but yes that’s realita which must be faced.

Eventhoug that all not withdraw my step and intention to remain to visit and make more community to all blogger. Cause it Suwandi Chow at his site said Link Exchange is one of many way to improve our Page Rank a blog or website.

In such a way is it so important Page Rank for me ?

Initially target make this blog for me only journey note and wrote my opinion about what was or happened surrounding. Idealist ? I don’t know. But after passing contemplation felt to become bizzare and dissonant when what we write and lay open nobody read and also give the comment

At least until today visit and link exchange became my priority compare with write or posting my opinion. Surely I don’t know until when this will take place. This all Only for a Page Rank. Just Let wait and see




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