19 Jun 2008

Starting last 02 weeks ago I was very interested found site offering fast drop entrecard system. With their system it is only take less than 1 second each drop. This techniques made my drop card so fast like flash.

I was drop daily between 250-300 cards. Meanwhile finally I just realized that this technique not help increase my traffic nor didnt get back drop from them.

Unfair? Surely since I was drop 250-300 card daily and only get back drop less than 50 cards. Ratio only 6 : 1 or 5 : 1

Since last Monday I was decide not be a part and not using fast dropping anymore. As beginning join at entrecard, I was check my drop inbox and start drop my card there. Regularly I drop my card on my favorite and get good number of drops back.

Amazing my ratio now became 1 : 1

In the future I will doing this more seriously. I knew ratio of drops I had increased and better than ever. As suggested by expert droppers in the next day I will bookmarked who drop their card on mine. With that list I will drop my card daily and hope will get drop back from them as well . List will publish in the sort time.




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